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Christine S.  -  Palm Springs, CA  -   "I first came across Alyson’s beautiful art at a local eatery in West Seattle, while dining with my husband, and I was immediately drawn to her work.  I was intrigued by both the movement and positive energy in her paintings as well as the stillness and tranquility - a brilliant combination.  The use of color was fabulous!  Alyson met me shortly thereafter to discuss commission work.   Soon, her exquisite artwork was professionally hung in my new home.  (Alyson even sent me digital photos including install spacing).   Her paintings are stunning and bring me joy each time I walk by. Fast forward to the present…  I am working on a beautiful home in the California desert and reached out to Alyson once again.  She is quick to take calls, to inquire about the buyer’s specific needs and to also provide an artist’s opinion.  Her excitement on new projects is contagious!  I love her vision and support Alyson McCrink 100%.  I cannot wait to see the next round of results!"

Jim M.   -   Las Vegas, NV   -   "Alyson is a master fine artist! Her creativity and detail with colors and textures is amazing! In   addition to having a couple of her wonderful pieces grace our walls, we also commissioned her to make a large triptych for       our dining room which turned out super awesome! It gets many compliments from our friends too. Thanks Alyson!!"

Shelly K.   -   Edmonds, WA  -   "This was the first painting that I've ever commissioned and it was super fun! Alyson is great   to work with and I love the piece!"

Claire H.   -   Everett, WA  -   "I discovered Alyson at a local art show in Everett and her work really spoke to me. Alyson was wonderfully receptive to what my vision was for our yacht Reverie, and was very open to recreating some of her rectangular and square pieces into round pieces for us. I absolutely love the pieces she created for Reverie and her timely updates on progress were just right!"

James F.   -   Portland, OR  -   "We met Alyson at an art festival in the area. We were immediately blown away by the quality and beauty of her work. We commissioned her to make a mostly white painting with a touch of copper and brown, she completely blew us away! The work looks like it is meant for our home and we are so happy that we get to stare at it everyday. We can't thank you enough Alyson, we will be ordering another commission very soon ;)"

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