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Alyson Storms is a contemporary abstract artist who lives and works in Seattle, Washington. A native of the west coast, her colorful representations of nature pay homage to her homeland. Her distinctive personal style emanates curiosity among her viewers.


Her artwork can be interpreted as a topographical depiction of the Earth, an underwater perspective or a landscape of a far away horizon and are all brought to life with contrasting and harmonious colors and bold compositions. As the artist explains, “I’m trying to show aspects of the natural world that need attention brought to them and welcome the viewer to contemplate the visual journey of each piece.”


As a child Alyson took any object she could find to color or paint on. From a young age she has believed, “You can create the world you see in your mind and through art try to inspire others to make a change for a better world.” She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Boise State University and has been an active artist, showing her work in galleries, fine art festivals and public spaces.


She has been a creator for organizations and offices throughout the Washington, including Swedish Women’s Wellness Services Center, Auburn City Hall, Seattle City Light 1% for Art Works Collection, Seattle Neuropsychiatric Treatment Center and University Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Center. She works with the clients to gain insights of the needs of the spaces and the audience to bring to life pieces with a lasting impact.

My artwork is inspired by humanity’s impact on ecosystems and the environment with a focus on the effects of climate change. Rising temperatures and extreme weather have profound impacts on ecosystems and communities. Climate change is an uncharted journey demanding adaptation and resilience. Amidst this upheaval, plants, animals, and humans navigate unfamiliar territories, eroding learned experiences and community memories. Yet, resilience emerges as individuals and species adapt and connect. To restore and move forward, we must learn from the changes affecting our global neighbors. How can society foster resilience and agency in response to the climate crisis?


The artwork I create responds to these questions and ideas, nature is the major theme throughout my work and I try to create a positive engagement with the viewers so that awareness turns to into action. Each piece tells a unique story with a wide range of mediums and by incorporating materials from the natural world such as tree ash from the Bolt Creek Fire in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in 2022, the August Complex Fire in California in 2020 and water from the Puget Sound during the 2021 heat wave.


My work is created with a variety of materials, including concrete, stained glass, crushed glass, paint, resin and wood. This range of mediums provides me the flexibility to install pieces in windows, suspension from ceilings and on walls with extensive options for use in and around buildings and structures.


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