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Alyson Storms, a contemporary abstract mixed media artist residing and practicing in Seattle, WA, draws inspiration from her West Coast roots to create vibrant depictions of nature. Her unique artistic style captivates viewers with its distinctiveness, offering interpretations ranging from topographical representations of the Earth to underwater perspectives and landscapes of distant horizons. Infused with contrasting and harmonious colors, as well as bold compositions, her artworks come alive.

Explaining her creative process, Alyson expresses her intention to draw attention to aspects of the natural world while inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey with each piece. Her artistic journey began in childhood, where she seized any available object or surface for coloring or painting. From a young age, she embraced the belief that one can shape the world they envision in their mind through art to inspire others towards positive change.

Alyson's work is deeply influenced by humanity's impact on ecosystems, particularly focusing on the profound effects of climate change in the Pacific Northwest. Each artwork tells a unique story, employing a diverse range of mediums and incorporating materials sourced from nature. Notably, she has utilized tree ash from wildfires like the Bolt Creek Fire (2022) and the August Complex Fire (2020), along with water from the Puget Sound during the 2021 heatwave. Nature remains a central theme in her art, aiming to foster positive engagement and encourage awareness to translate into action.

The prevailing theme in her current collection revolves around the response to rising temperatures and extreme weather, highlighting the profound impacts on ecosystems and communities in the Pacific Northwest. Alyson sees climate change as an uncharted journey necessitating adaptation and resilience. Amidst upheaval, she explores how individuals, plants, and animals navigate unfamiliar territories, emphasizing the need to learn from global changes to restore and move forward. Her artwork poses the question: How can society cultivate resilience and agency in response to the climate crisis?

Alyson Storms earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Boise State University in 2010 and has actively showcased her art in galleries, fine art festivals, and public spaces. Her works have been exhibited in various locations, including Washington, California, Idaho, Ohio, and Oregon. Some of her pieces have found a permanent home in places such as the Marriott in Agoura, CA, The City Of Seattle’s collection, the Swedish Women’s Wellness Services Center in Seattle, Auburn City Hall, Seattle Neuropsychiatric Treatment Center, University Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Center, and Private Companies in Denver, CO.

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