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Columbia River *Paint To Order Deposit

Columbia River *Paint To Order Deposit

This is for the deposit to begin the custom commission. For pricing on various sizes, contact me or email


Heavy texture, sand from the beaches of The Puget Sound, quartz and citrine powder, acrylic paint and resin on a wood panel.


This painting was inspired by a topographical view of The Columbia River with the surrounding land and water. Sand was collected from the beaches of the Puget Sound as well as water on a full moon (in Cancer) and used in this painting. 


The original has sold, however a custom re-creation is available. Select from various sizes. 


2 Panels are included in each size.


I will create your painting to be very similar with the same style and colors, you will receive the same quality and beauty of the original painting.


If you are interested in customizing this painting, by adding or changing colors, please let me know in the comment section of the shopping cart check out.

Due to the fact that all of the paintings are handmade and custom ordered, subtle changes may occur with your painting. Your painting may not be exactly the same as the picture however, it will be nearly identical, but not exactly the same. What I can promise is the quality of work I deliver on, and it will be a beautiful painting, as you expect.


In the process of creating the painting, I'll show you photos and videos with your painting.
You'll be able to express all your wishes about colors and shades. I'll make all the necessary changes. 

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